Be the first to get your hands on one of our Limited Edition Lockdown T-shirts! Available for PRE-ORDER NOW! All orders are sent via post. Please allow a maximum of 14 days for delivery. The t-shirts start from age 1-2 and sweatshirts age 3-4 – they are true to size however if you prefer a loose fit, we would suggest going up a size.


We are offering online memberships for all ages, with the following access –

Over 40 LIVE classes streamed every week via ZOOM to suit all age groups (available in App store) This will give the closest thing possible to a class setting, with all participants able to see and interact with each other (you can choose to be hidden if preferred)

Access to our closed Facebook page for members only – the page will provide video content covering all age groups and styles and live video chats from the team.

LIVE Guest Workshops with industry professionals

Daily/weekly challenges and check-ins

Fun choreography competitions

LOTS of much needed positivity, motivation & reassurance!

We will be with you and available 7 days a week for support and to help your kids battle the boredom! Let’s dance together from the safety and comfort of your own home!

Membership fee – £22 per person per month.

LIVE ONLINE CLASS TIMETABLE – join in from the safety and comfort of your own home! (Look out for bonus adult classes – it can’t be just the kids having all the fun!)

As well as all of this, we also have our very own Dance Inc. Studio APP with easy access to tutorials, extra curricular activities and challenges. You will receive the APP link upon registering with us.

4 – 4.30pm Musical Theatre (all ages)
4.30 – 5pm Drama (all ages)
5 – 5.30pm P1-4 Streetdance
5.30 – 6pm P1-4 Contemporary
6 – 6.30pm P5-7 Streetdance
6.30 – 7pm P5-7 Jazz

3 – 3.30pm Pre-school Streetdance
3.30 – 4pm P1-4 BOYS Streetdance
4 – 4.30pm P1-5 Funk Workout
4.30 – 5pm Gymnastics/Acro (all levels)
5 – 5.30pm P1-4 Commercial
5.30 – 6pm P5-7 Contemporary
6 – 6.30pm P5-7 Ballet
6.30 – 7pm S1 + Contemporary
7 – 7.30pm S1+ Commercial

4.30 – 5pm Lockdown with Logan (surprise style each week)
5 – 5.30pm P1-4 Commercial
5.30 – 6pm P5-7 Commercial
6 – 6.30pm P6+ Funk Workout
6.30pm – 7pm P5+ Boys

3 – 3.30m Pre-school Ballet and Modern
3.30 – 4pm P3-4 Ballet
4 – 4.30pm P3-4 Jazz
4.30 – 5pm Gymnastics/Acro (all levels)
5 – 5.30pm Musical Theatre (all ages)
5.30 – 6pm Drama (all ages)
6 – 6.30pm S1 + Jazz
6.30 – 7pm S1+ Ballet
7 – 7.30pm S1+ Streetdance

3.30 – 4pm P1-5 Funk Workout
4 – 4.30pm Flexible Friday (Stretch)
4.30 – 5pm P1-4 Commercial
5 – 5.30pm P5-7 Commercial
5.30 – 6pm P6+ Funk Workout
6 – 6.30pm S1+ Commercial

9.30 – 10am Pre-school Ballet and Modern
10 – 10.30am P1-2 Ballet
10.30 – 11am P1-2 Jazz
11 – 11.30am P1-4 Streetdance
11.30 – 12pm P1-4 BOYS Streetdance
12 – 12.30pm P5+ BOYS

Once we receive your booking, you will be sent a welcome email within 24 hours, confirming your membership and detailing your next steps.

Thank you for booking with us… we hope you love the classes as much as we do!